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"These are so adorable and have the perfect amount oflight when you squeeze them; they aren’t too bright at all which I am glad about. I have found that night lights don’t work well with my children, but only a small part of Night Buddies light up so they are perfect."

Karen, Author - Read Here


"I couldn’t imagine her having just one of these. Each one is unique and so incredibly cute! We received Haley, Oliver the Orca and Ally the Turtle. She has not chosen a favorite as they all sleep with her at night."

Heather, Blogger - Read Here


 "She’d take the airplane and zoom around the house and make the noises. When it was time for bed I asked if she wanted the airplane nightlight and off she went reading as soon as I turned off the lights. It’s nice that I don’t have to go into her room to turn off the Night Buddy since it has an automatic timer."

Becky, Writer - Read Here


"My kids absolutely love them. My 3 year old had AC the Airplane night buddy first, and he sleeps with him every night and asks for him when it is time for lights out."

Vicki, Blogger - Read Here


Q: Are your products washable?

A: Yes! While we don't recommend putting your Night Buddies® in the washing machine, they are completely surface washable. Just take a damp cloth and rub the needed area with warm water.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes we do. If you are interested in purchasing product at wholesale, please contact us directly at 1-800-455-1081. 

Q: Are Night Buddies safe for young toddlers?

A: Night Buddies® are for children 2+ and older. However, you can include your younger children in story time with the downloadable stories we have available on our Play Time page! 

Q: Is it safe for me to leave my child's Night Buddy on when they go to sleep?

A: Yes. With the two-minute auto shut off timer, you do not ever have to worry about leaving the Night Buddies® eyes lit up for longer than necessary. And if your child doesn't go to sleep in two minutes, they can easily squeeze the tummy to reactivate!

Q: Can I get a hold of you over the phone if I can't find my answer here?

A: Of course! You are welcome to call us toll free at 1-800-455-1081 and we are happy to answer any questions you may have personally.

Q: Is the battery replaceable if the eyes stop working.

A: Though Night Buddies® are not intended to have a removable battery compartment, they should give you many years of love. The plush is still a super-soft fun friend at night even when the lights go out. If you truly want to replace the battery, you may do a "mini-surgery" by safely cutting open a small section of the bottom, replacing the batteries, and sewing back up.