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About NightBuddies®

Patented in Napa, California, in 2004, NightBuddies® is the original light-up toy for kids of all ages. The plush toy company was founded by Sally Connolly to create a revolutionary plush line that gives comfort, companionship, and emotional connection to children around the world.

Our Mission

NightBuddies® promotes storytelling, which is the root of all community and the source of connection in each family. Through our creatively designed toys, we provide an opportunity for kids to share stories and care for others. Every child has a story. What’s yours? Join our NightBuddies® family and share it with us!


Join us at The Javits Center Toy Fair in New York City on February 14-17, 2015 for the release of some of our new toys and a showing of our current products.

A Family Company

Sally Connolly and her family started Night Buddies® in 2004  to teach her children how to follow their dreams and enjoy the journey. This lovable plush line is for children of all ages and perfect for every occasion, helping children feel safe at night. Holding the patent since 2004, Night Buddies® is the 'original' light up toy. 

?The Night Buddies® brand is filled with excitement of innovation using scrumptious fabrics, placing our first product as the new destination for premium plush. We were awarded a utility patent in 2009 along with a backup patent issued in 2011. Our original business model was to license the IP, of which we did successfully with a major plush company in 2009; it broke our hearts when the company closed. Since that time, Austin and Sally have finalized the design, sourced and developed the product, with Wes writing positive bedtime rhymes for our first 4 characters, WC Race Car, AC Airlines, Mac and Haley. It was a wonderful experience to go trek the Great Wall and inspect our beautiful factories in Shenzhen. We are very pleased with our production team in Asia and consider them a big part of our Night Buddies® team.

We are excited to continue the pursuit in building our brand while creating comfort, companionship and connection for children around the world. We hope you will join our family and share your stories. Every child has a story, what is yours?


Made With Love

Night Buddies® is a patented plush - each buddy is handmade with love in the strictest of standards. Night Buddies® exceed American Testing Standards and the Connolly family personally visits the factories where they are made. Each plush toy is made from high quality fabrics that provide comfort to children of ages 3-10 years.

Night Buddies® promote storytelling. Storytelling is the root of all community, it is the connection between you and your family. Storytelling globally is our dream. We want to provide a place where kids can share, care and learn about each other. Each child has so much power with their thoughts from a young age - many thoughts are created through stories. Through Night Buddies, we want to create a social network where children, along with their moms or dads, can share in the commonalities in all of us through storytelling.

Contact us in Napa, California, for more information on our innovative plush toys.